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SNAP! Recap {Part 3: The Experience}

Hello friends! Ready for my last installment of the SNAP! Recap series!? (until next year, that is!)

SNAP recap 2013
First, I’m not sure I explained exactly what SNAP! is.  SNAP! is a Blog Conference celebrating creative bloggers, a place where bloggers go to collaborate, learn and feed one another’s creativity.
For me, Creativity= Fun! So, I thought I would share a little about all the fun stuff! The whole conference was Fun!
As I mentioned before, I attended with three Super Fun fellow bloggers who just happen to be from Kansas City too…Mandy had been before which made the entire experience so much smoother!
003 copy
{Me,Ashley, Kilee, Mandy}
We were given oodles of free stuff…it seemed like everywhere I went there was a contest to enter. Thursday night, we had a Pj party with a milk and cookie bar, candy bar and crafts to make.  So much Fun!
PJ Party at SNAP! {}
Friday night, we shopped at the Queen Bee Market…It was like a room full of etsy shops!  There just happened to be a contest (and prize) that night for the person who took the most Instagram photos.  Kilee might have taken 88 in a two hour period!  Yay for me because our entire room won the prize too!
Queen Bee Market SNAP! 2013 {}
Queen Bee Insta Winners {}
Queen Bee winnings {
The food was delicious!  We were fed lunch and dinner.  Lunch was a boxed meal and dinner was always a sit down.  There were even snacks in between.  And I was worried I would need to pack snacks!
SNAP! was held at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Beautiful!  It was like a small town with quaint shops, a petting zoo, gardens and even a dinosaur museum!  All surrounded by mountains…
Thanksgiving Point SNAP!2013 {}
The view...SNAP! 2013 {}
And to top off the trip, there was a closing Speaker, Dinner and Dance Party complete with mini cupcakes, a DJ with disco ball and a Funny Photo Booth!
No Detail was missed at SNAP!
As much Fun as I had, I was really excited to get home to my family…Here we are in our new {FREE} shirts.  We were all happy our jampacked suitcases made it under the weight limit…I mentioned we got a ton of FREE stuff, right!
We love our family shirts {}

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**If you would like more information on anything posted in the SNAP! Recap series, please comment and I’ll be happy to share!**

Hope you have enjoyed my SNAP! Recap Series…on to Menus, DIY and Decor next week!

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SNAP! Recap {Part 2: The Classes}

SNAP recap 2013

Sooo many classes to choose from! I wanted to attend them all, but could only be in one place at a time.

While prepping for SNAP!, I read tips on attending a Blog Conference.  One of the tips was to sit by someone new at each class, so that’s exactly what I tried to do.

So glad I did because I met some amazing women in doing so (really, all bloggers are amazing!)  I was so proud of myself…I talked!  My Roomies might even tell you I talked too much!  To my advantage, most bloggers (like 99%) do NOT look like their perfect glossy photo on their blog.  They are all just real-life women.  I wasn’t nervous to talk to them because I didn’t realize how “big” their blogs were until after I started talking to them.

Below is a brief overview of the trip day by day…If you are interested in more information from each class, most are posted on each presenter’s blog.

Day 1: Registration, Chalk Paint & Pinterest Power

The first day, we got up super early to make it to IKEA right when they opened…I had never been to IKEA and we do not have one in Kansas City.  Loved it!  Luckily IKEA is opening next fall in Kansas City because I have a lengthy wish list!

After IKEA, we headed to Registration which was overwhelming…I kept seeing bloggers and thinking “Oh my gosh, that’s so-and-so from such-and-such blog in real life.  We picked up amazing SWAG bags (Stuff We All Get) and chatted with awesome vendors.  

On to the classes…

A Personal Journey with Chalk Paint with Lisa (Annie Sloan Unfolded)

I have been wanting to try out chalk paint for a while now and after taking this class I have a couple projects lined up! Chalk paint is beautiful, easy and forgiving…You cannot mess it up! Yay!  It paints over any surface and can withstand wear and tear. (Perfect for this Momma of 3 little boys!)

Pinterest Power with Heather (Whipperberry) and Jamielyn (I Heart Naptime)

This class was eye-opening! I thought I knew quite a bit about Pinterest…Wrong!  Pinterest is the best FREE way to market a blog.  There are most searched key words, best times to post, key people to follow and the list goes on!  The best tips I can pass on is to create and pin AWESOME, clear, vertical pictures with easy to read labels of what the picture is about and DO-NOT repin…always pin from the original source.

Day 2: Breakfast with Lisa Leonard, Balancing Life, Printables with POW, How to Paint Anything

Breakfast with Lisa Leonard (Lisa Leonard designs)

Lisa Leonard was the perfect way to begin the day.  She was fresh and real…just like listening to a friend.  She shared the importance of keeping your family as #1, taking advantage of opportunities, and making sure to share your fails, your vulnerability, who you really are.  This is what people connect with, not the glossy photos of a clean house…show the behind the scenes.

How To Do It All: Tips and Tricks for Juggling Blog, Family and Home with Becky (Organizing made Fun) and Lisa (The Pennington Point)

Oh how I needed this class!  They went into detail about how to manage a family and a blog, giving many suggestions of what works for them and how to do it.  Plan, Plan, Plan, but be flexible when something changes.  Family is 1st…A blog should NEVER come before family.  I could have listened to them all day!

Printables with POW with Bettijo and Aimee (Paging Supermom)

This class detailed the ins and outs of all things printables, how to make them successful, copyright and the best in programs and layout design.  So much information…But I feel I am armed with the information to make amazing printables as soon as I have some time! 

How to Paint Anything with Lindsay (Makely School For Girls) and Diane (In My Own Style)

They knew everything about all kinds of paint and what and how to use it!  Awesome!  Latex, Oil Gel, Spray, Chalk, Milk, Wood Stain, Glaze and successful tips and tricks.  Now, I look around my house and think of all the ways I can paint my furniture!

Day3: Succulents & Terrariums, Be More Powerful with Ana White, Parties that Wow, Poppyseed Projects

Succulents & Terrariums with Cynthia (Conservation Garden Park) and Margee Rader

We learned ALL about succulents…How to care for them (neglect), really cool ways to use succulents in and outside and even made a  cute terrarium necklace.  So much fun and a perfect relaxing way to start the day.  I have so many ideas of how to use succulents in my home decor.  I may even have won a prize in this class…You may have seen these on the TV Show, Shark Tank.

083 copy

Succulent examples from SNAP! {}

What I won at SNAP! {}

Be More Powerful with Ana White (Ana White)

Ana demonstrated how to use all sorts of Power Tools and made it look so easy that anyone could do it!  She also gave us a list of her favorite tools and why we needed them.  If you haven’t checked out her book, The Handbuilt Home, you should…Step by step for even the novice carpenter.

Parties that Wow with Mariah (Giggles Galore) and Michelle (Maddycakes Muse)

This was a high energy class!  These lovely ladies created the atmosphere of a party in the room…So much fun!  They share oodles of ideas for all different types of parties.  Most importantly, Party planning should be fun.  Use what you have on hand and make it work.  Each party should have the Rule of Five: See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Feel.

Poppyseed Projects with Holly & Kim (Poppyseed Projects)

Poppyseed Projects is a fun company run by these two sweet ladies.  They specialize in making people feel like they can create something beautiful.  We all had the opportunity to try out some of Poppyseed Projects awesome products.  I created this darling Chalkboard Art which was super simple, but who can tell?!  Be sure to check out their blog and idea gallery!

Poppyseed Chalkboard Art {}

…Whew!  That was a lot, but I hope you found some useful information.  OR maybe I even inspired you to start saving your pennies for SNAP! next year.  I learned so much…so much more than I could share in just one post.  It would take me days!  

Coming Soon: SNAP! Recap {Part 3: The Experience}  

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**If you would like more information on anything posted in the SNAP! Recap series, please comment and I’ll be happy to share!**

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SNAP! Recap {Part 1}

Hello Friends!

I know, I know…SNAP! was over two weeks ago and I’m just posting about my trip…It’s just taken me a bit to gather my thoughts about it all.

SNAP recap 2013

Let’s start at the beginning…I had not ever planned (or even dreamed of attending SNAP!).  You may or may not know that I am a fairly new blogger.  Last year, as a blogger wannabe, I read the SNAP! recaps of all my favorite bloggers and secretly thought how Awesome it would be to go to an event like that.  Little did I know I would be attending the following year!

As I mentioned, I had not planned to go to SNAP! , but a couple local friends (and bloggers) mentioned going with them…if I could get a (sold-out) ticket.  Um…YES!!!  So on to the wait list I went.  SURPRISE…maybe three days later I had a ticket!  It was real!

To say I was SUPER nervous is an understatement.  Why?  I had not been on a plan for over five years, had NEVER been away from my boys for more than one night and I was going to be surrounded by bloggers who really know what they are doing and were doing it really well.  I was sure I would be “Blog Star-Struck” and not talk.  If you know me know, you know I talk…a lot!  But…when placed in a situation I am not 100% sure of, I tend to clam up.  I am a natural introvert and have opened up or become more comfortable over the years (or it could be the eight years of teaching high school.)  Anyway, I was nervous.

But…I was going!!  Yay!!

I agonized over what to wear, treated myself to a pedicure and had my hair touched up…all to try to look my very best.  After all, everyone looked Perfect in the pictures from last year!

packing for SNAP! {}

Lucky for me, all of my Roomies were local bloggers.  We had a playdate and made pajama pants for the Pajama Party and planned how we would decorate our Hotel door for the door decorating contest.

SNAP! PJ Party {}

SNAP! Photo Booth {}

Using leftover fabric from my pajama pants, I made a quick cover for my camera strap.

homemade camera strap {}

I ordered business cards…

business cards {}

Bags packed, I was ready for four days of FUN…Ready to Be Inspired and Learn!

SNAP! bound in cowboy boots {}

Stay Tuned for SNAP! Recap {Part 2: The Classes}

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