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Hi! I’m still here…

Hello friends!

I’m still here…just have been super busy the past couple weeks.  I have been working on a few projects like updates in my Mudroom, Spring decor inside and out and a make-up table area in the bedroom.  Why have I not shared any of these with you?  Because they are not finished…All are partially finished, but not to the sharing point.

Here are  a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been up to…

Personalized lockers {}

Grace framed art {}

can project {}

Guess what I’m making with these little gems!?

Next week…Promise to make it up to you!  I will be coming back from SNAP! with oodles of ideas!

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Life as I know it…snowed in

Hello Friends…Today, I am posting about life…

backyard {}

You know how some weeks you start off with a really great plan and a nice long to-do list of all the fun things you would like to accomplish during the week…then at the end of the week, you look back and realize that the week turned out nothing like you had planned.

Well…it has been one of those weeks around here.

snowy window {}

Missouri was hit with the 2nd huge snowstorm in a week, which is not typical for this area.  The snow itself is absolutely beautiful.  Being cooped up with three little boys while daddy was out plowing snow…proved to be more of a challenge!  I definitely have a new appreciation for single mommas and wives of husbands who travel or are on extended leave.  I also realized how much I lean on my husband for relief at the end of the day.

before 2nd snow {}

Needless to say, I have not posted much…

My days have consisted of…

Watching the beautiful snow falling…

Front yard {}

Attempting to keep my children inside…

Peeking outside {}

Bundling up the boys so they could play all of 10 minutes before losing a glove in the snow and wanting to come back in…

snow boys {}

lost mittens {}

Cooking…Baking…Eating way too much…

cornflake snowmen {}

Cleaning up spill after spill after spill…

Covering {just about} every surface with craft materials…

snowball art {}

And loving every minute of it!  {although I did have a couple meltdown moments}

Where's the driveway {}

red barn {}

pond and road in back

And…of course…it’s snowing again!

How did you spend your week?


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