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Boy-proofing {a cushion makeover}

Hello friends!  Hope you had a lovely long weekend!  Luckily my boys took awesome naps, so I had a chance to finally play catch up on some blog posting.  I have been busy working on projects around the Krieger house and have lots to share in the coming weeks…

To start it off, I am going to share one of the projects that most needed an update…and I am loving it!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions at {Onekriegerchick

Just wait till you see what they looked like “BEFORE”…

Barstools before {}

This is the “BEFORE” shot…They were “OK”…They looked great a couple years ago when I first recovered them.  But three boys climbing and standing and spilling on them took a toll and there was no amount of cleaning that was going to make them look good again.

I just hadn’t found the right fabric…

Until…my mom called me from Hobby Lobby one day asking if I had seen their selection of Laminated fabric…

LAMINATED fabric…Duh!  That would be PERFECT!!

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby…and found this fun, bright {boy-proof} fabric!  {BONUS- it looks awesome with my new rugs}

Laminated fabric for barstools {}

And here’s how I did it…

Remove existing cushion…{don’t mind the fact that I never bothered to trim the excess fabric…oops!}

Barstools underneath {}

Remove the existing fabric cover.

Cushion close-up {}

Use the existing cover as a pattern.  Lay existing fabric on new fabric and trace with a piece of chalk.  Make sure to indicate the front or back.  Also, if you have a more precise pattern, you’ll have to watch the alignment more carefully.  I lucked out with such a random pattern!

Measuring fabric for barstools {}

Cut out your fabric.

fabric on barstool cushion {}

Line up the new cover with the existing cushion and pin into place.  I did opposite sides first, then corners.  The corners can be tricky, so just work with them a bit until you like the look.

Pinning fabric on cushion {}

Once the cover is pinned into place, use a staple gun to adhere it permanently.  Work with opposite sides, pulling it taught as you go and finishing with the corners.

stapling cushion cover {}

Reattach the cushion to the chair…and you have a fresh new {BOY-Proof} barstool!  I cannot express in words how much I love these new cushions!  Thank you, thank you to whoever invented laminated fabric!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions {}

Have you had any new product discoveries lately?

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DIY Bulletin Board {15 minute craft}

Want an easy craft you make make in 15 minutes?  And you probably have most {if not all} the supplies on hand…

The DIY Bulletin Board I made for my Closet Makeover is both!

Clothing Inspiration Board {}


1 sheet of foam board (thicker is best}

flat tacks


DIY bulletin board at {}

How To:

Start by centering your foamboard on your fabric so you have enough fabric on each side to wrap around the board and secure into place.  I think about 2-2.5 inches is plenty.

DIY bulletin board layout at {}

Fold fabric over your corners and secure with a tack.

DIY bulletin board {}

Then fold fabric over each side of your board and secure into place with tacks.

DIY bulletin board end {}

finished DIY bulletin board {}

Ta-da!  All done!  How easy {and cute} was that!

Clothing Inspiration Board {}

Note: I just rested my bulletin board on a shelf in my closet.  If I were to hang on the wall, I think Command strips would work fine.

Here’s how I made my Stylish {and easy} Embellished Tacks

I couldn’t use plain tacks to hang my new stylish outfit ideas, now could I! 🙂


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