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Birds Nests {kids in the kitchen}

Happy Friday Friends!  This week has gone by so quickly, but I have really enjoyed sharing some of our favorite family treats and activities.  Ready for the last one before Easter?

Birds Nests Treats {}

Birds Nests are one of the treats I remember most from my childhood.  I cannot remember who made them, but I do remember eating sooo many that my tummy hurt.  I would even sneak them off the table after I was told I had eaten too many.

Birds Nests are super easy to make and are a good recipe to make with a little helper.  Bonus: They are no-bake!  You could make them for an easy Easter dessert or enjoy them anytime during the Spring.

Here we go…

What you’ll need:

1 bag butterscotch chips

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 bag chow mien noodles

candy to use for eggs

How to make them:

Heat the butterscotch chips and peanut butter in a microwave until melted. ( Stir periodically. Chips may look solid even after melting.) Stir in bag of chow mien noodles.  Working quickly, use a spoon to drop nests onto wax paper or other non-stick surface.  They will look like uneven nests.  Quickly set three eggs on top of each nest.  Allow to set and enjoy!

Note: We used jelly beans because that is what the boys chose, but I really prefer chocolate eggs combined with the butterscotch.  M&M’s have some really cute speckled eggs out right now that would be perfect.

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Happy Easter!

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Easter Kids Craft and a Pinterest FAIL

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are enjoying this week as much as I am…Today I am sharing an easy craft and a Pinterest FAIL.

First up…

Kid Friendly Stained Glass 

kids stained glass {}

This is a winner at my house for one main reason…It involves quite a bit of glue.  Not as much as my Pinterest FAIL, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  My boys love using glue and a dot of glue to me is much different than a dot of glue to them.  Anyway…

stained glass supplies {}

What you will need:

Paper plates (or heavy paper)

wax paper

tissue paper (various colors)


Start by drawing and cutting out your desired shape onto a paper plate, then cut out.  Tear or cut tissue paper into smaller pieces.  Here comes the glue…Glue the pieces of tissue paper onto a sheet of wax paper.  Allow to dry.

tissue egg stained glass {}

Glue wax paper with tissue collage onto the paper plate so that the part you see is the smooth wax paper side.  Trim edges.

back of stained glass {}

egg and cross tissue stained glass {}

Now, just…Punch a hole, tie a ribbon and hang in your window.  These can be made for any season using different shapes and colors of tissue paper.

kids stained glass {}


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And Now For A Pinterest Fail…Ugh!

So, I saw this idea multiple times on Pinterest and thought we should give it a try.  Why?  Because it uses glue as a main ingredient…Lots of glue.  Did I mention, we like glue at our house?

Window Clings {made with glue}

I admit, I usually DO NOT follow directions.  I typically look at the picture and recreate what I see.  BUT this time I actually read and followed the directions. (I learned my lesson!)

Pinterest fail supplies {}

What I was supposed to do was make a template or use a cookie cutter.

Pinterest fail stencil {}Set it on a piece of wax paper.  Fill the template with glue.  Let it dry.  Note:  I added glitter…Window clings NEED glitter, right!?

Pinterest fail {}

Pinterest fail so add glitter {}

I let it dry and dry and dry for a couple days.

Pinterest Fail at{}

The glue ran and the shapes we created morphed into their own shapes.

Gluey mess {}

Then, they wouldn’t peel off the wax paper.  They curled. They made a glittery mess on my floor.

Pinterest Fail egg roll up {}

They looked nothing like they were supposed to.  Ugh!  What a waste of glue!

So…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (unless you want a fun excuse for your kiddos to use glue)!

If you made these at home and they worked…What did I do wrong?

What Pinterest FAILS have you experienced?

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Easter Egg {Lunch} Hunt

Happy Monday Friends!

It snowed over the weekend, so it is really not feeling like Easter week around here.  But it is!  I LOVE this time of year…For me, it is one of the most special with the most meaning.  To celebrate, I am sharing Easter activities ALL week long…Yay!

To kick off the week, I’m sharing our very favorite from last year.   How about an Easter Egg {Lunch} Hunt!  We did this last year and it was so much fun…I think we hunted for our lunch the entire week before Easter.

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt {}

How I did it…

I gathered up empty plastic eggs in a variety of colors.  The larger eggs work great for this because you can fit more/larger food items in them.  Then, using a permanent marker, I wrote the letters for each boys name on the eggs.  One letter per egg.  All additional eggs simply had first initials, A and O.  I filled the eggs with small lunch food items such as: mini beef sticks, pretzel chips, goldfish, cut up veggies, fruit and dessert…jelly beans and peeps.

Eggs for lunch hunt {}

If you are lucky enough to have nice weather…Hide your eggs outside and have a picnic.

Egg Hunt {}

Egg Hunt at {}

Easter Egg Hunting {}

Egg Hunt Lunch at {}

Note:  I think this idea originated from Family Fun Magazine.  I just adapted it to work for us and to make it a learning opportunity.

Have Fun this week making memories with your kiddos!

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I’d love to hear what you are up to during this special week…

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