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Love me a Cupcake {garland}

I LOVE cupcakes!  I also may have a problem with buying packages of cupcake liners just because they are cute.  When I was brainstorming what I was going to create for my Valentines mantle, I remembered seeing  garlands on Pinterest made out of Cupcake liners.  How perfect for my {SWEET} mantle theme!

Valentine garlands {}

Naturally, I did not look up any of the garlands I had seen…Rather I just jumped right in (with the help of my 5-year old).  I use the term “help” loosely on this one.  Really, he just likes any opportunity to use my crafting supplies and tools.

It took me a couple tries to get it the way I like it, but the end result is pretty stinkin’ cute…If I do say so myself!

What you’ll need:

cupcake liners

thread, twine or hemp

decorative beads

Cupcake liner garland {}

How I made mine:

1. Poke holes in a few cupcake liners.

2. Leaving a length of twine for hanging, tie a knot on the twine.

3. Thread a bead onto the twine.

4. Thread a cupcake liner on to the twine.

5. Approximately two inches past the liner, tie another knot.

6. Repeat the pattern: knot, bead, liner until you have the length of garland you need.

Note: Cupcake liners are from Michael’s craft store dollar bin, Beads are from JoAnn’s craft store and twine is from Close To My Heart.  I had all on hand…great thing about this project!  Use what you have.

Cupcake liner garland  at {}So simple. easy. sweet!



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My {SWEET} Valentines Mantle

I don’t know about any of you, but I am ready for Spring.  I am ready for the fresh bright colors and punchy patterns.  Decorating in the Winter has always been a challenge for me because it is so dull.  After I took down the Christmas decor, my house looked sparse and I kind of liked it…BUT it was really lacking anything interesting.

Until the boys and I made a trip to Dollar General a few weeks back and I spotted these hot pink doilies.  It’s not often I have the opportunity to decorate with pink, especially HOT pink!  These cute little doilies got my creative brain spinning and I came up with a way to incorporate the bold fun Spring colors into my dull Winter decor.

Check out my {SWEET} mantle…

Valentine mantle {}

How cool is the Giant “K” I received for Christmas?!  It goes great with our wall of doors…I created the chevron canvas, doily heart garland and cupcake liner garland to add a bit of fun and whimsy.  I’ll be sharing how I made them soon!  The red vase is from my Fiestaware collection and small parfait glass was my grandmothers.  I scavenged the yarn balls and vintage ball fringe from my craft room.  The more I look at it in the space, the more I am loving it!

Here’s a close-up of the doily garland…Click here and here to see how I made them!

Valentine garlands {}

And my DIY Chevron Canvas

DIY Valentine canvas {}

This reminds me of a strawberry ice cream sundae…Maybe I’ll add a red puff ball on the top! Yum!

Valentine mantle detail {}

Can’t wait to show you how I made it all…Even your kids can help!

To see my {EASY} Valentines Countdown, click here!


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DIY Button Monogram

Hello friends!  Today, I would like to share with you my DIY Button Monogram…just in case you missed it over at Sugar Bee Crafts.

I have had my eyes on a wooden cutout monogram for some time, but it has yet to fit into my budget.  So, I came up with the idea to make one of my own.

I started on the computer by deciding what font I liked best.  After choosing a font in word, I enlarged it to my desired size and printed it out.  I ended up using French Script enlarged to 700pt.  This was the largest I could fit on a regular piece of printer paper.

This step could be simplified by using a die cutting machine.  Note: If I were to make this again, I would have used my Cricut to cut out my template.

Then, I carefully cut it out and traced it onto a thin piece of cardboard.

The back of a notebook or gift wrap box works perfect.

Using an exacto knife, I cut out my monogram.

I smoothed edges with a file to get rid of all the fuzzies. Sandpaper would work too.

Then I painted the front side of the monogram a cream color. You could paint the other side or cover it with felt or a coordinating scrapbook paper.

Using a glue gun, I adhered buttons to one side of the monogram knowing that the other side would be against my French doors.  I chose neutral shades so I can use it during all seasons.

Loving how it turned out!

I then tied it with a loopy bow to a metal basket, filled it with greenery from my yard and hung it in my dining room.

Ta da!  A beautiful, personalized button monogram that will look lovely in my dining room for the holidays but will easily transition to other parts of the house throughout the year.

Have a creative day!


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DIY Snowflake Wreath

It’s time to get crafty here on onekriegerchick.  I have been trying to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible.  Today I am going to share how I made my adorable DIY Snowflake Wreath

wreath with text

Supplies needed:

Wreath form (wire, foam, or my homemade version)

patterned paper

glue gun

small scissors

snowflake punch or cutting machine

fabric or crepe paper strips (approx. 2 in. wide)

Okay…Let’s get started.  First you will need a form.  I thought I had a wire form- couldn’t find it, so I decided I’d have to make one myself.  I have an abundance of 12×12 in. pieces of cardboard and decided that would be perfect to cut out as my wreath shape.

Here’s how I did it:

I started by cutting out a shape similar to what I wanted my wreath to be.

tracing shapeThen I traced the shape and cut it out with an exacto knife.  The edges don’t have to be perfect, but you do want the wreath to be about 2 in. wide.

traced shape

cut out shape

burlap strips

Then you will want to cut some strips of fabric or crepe paper to wrap around the wreath form.  I cut approx. 2 in. strips of burlap .  I hot glued one end of the burlap to the underside of the wreath form.  I continued to wrap the burlap all the way around  the wreath form.

wrapping burlap

You want to make sure to pull the ribbon fairly tight as you are wrapping.
wrapped wreathTa Da!  Moving on to the snowflakes…

paper selection


Choose some coordinating sheets of paper and cut out between 50-60 snowflakes.  I used papers from Close to My Heart and a cutting machine to cut out a variety of 3-3.5 in. snowflakes.  {A large snowflake punch would work well too}. Starting with the outside edge, put a dot of hot glue on each snowflake and adhere it to the wreath.  When the outside edge is covered, move to the middle and interior layers.

Adding snowflakes

finished wreath

I couldn’t resist added a few more ornate snowflakes!

After adhering another strip of burlap to the back of the wreath with hot glue, I tied it up in my dining room.  Lovely!

hanging in dining

Might have had to test it out in the Mud Room too…

wreath hanging

Yep…Loving it there too!

What crafty holiday projects have you been up to?


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