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Boy-proofing {a cushion makeover}

Hello friends!  Hope you had a lovely long weekend!  Luckily my boys took awesome naps, so I had a chance to finally play catch up on some blog posting.  I have been busy working on projects around the Krieger house and have lots to share in the coming weeks…

To start it off, I am going to share one of the projects that most needed an update…and I am loving it!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions at {Onekriegerchick

Just wait till you see what they looked like “BEFORE”…

Barstools before {}

This is the “BEFORE” shot…They were “OK”…They looked great a couple years ago when I first recovered them.  But three boys climbing and standing and spilling on them took a toll and there was no amount of cleaning that was going to make them look good again.

I just hadn’t found the right fabric…

Until…my mom called me from Hobby Lobby one day asking if I had seen their selection of Laminated fabric…

LAMINATED fabric…Duh!  That would be PERFECT!!

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby…and found this fun, bright {boy-proof} fabric!  {BONUS- it looks awesome with my new rugs}

Laminated fabric for barstools {}

And here’s how I did it…

Remove existing cushion…{don’t mind the fact that I never bothered to trim the excess fabric…oops!}

Barstools underneath {}

Remove the existing fabric cover.

Cushion close-up {}

Use the existing cover as a pattern.  Lay existing fabric on new fabric and trace with a piece of chalk.  Make sure to indicate the front or back.  Also, if you have a more precise pattern, you’ll have to watch the alignment more carefully.  I lucked out with such a random pattern!

Measuring fabric for barstools {}

Cut out your fabric.

fabric on barstool cushion {}

Line up the new cover with the existing cushion and pin into place.  I did opposite sides first, then corners.  The corners can be tricky, so just work with them a bit until you like the look.

Pinning fabric on cushion {}

Once the cover is pinned into place, use a staple gun to adhere it permanently.  Work with opposite sides, pulling it taught as you go and finishing with the corners.

stapling cushion cover {}

Reattach the cushion to the chair…and you have a fresh new {BOY-Proof} barstool!  I cannot express in words how much I love these new cushions!  Thank you, thank you to whoever invented laminated fabric!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions {}

Have you had any new product discoveries lately?

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Where I’m at…

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!

Today, I’m super excited to be guest posting over at Poppy Seed Projects!  I was swooning over their products even before taking their class at SNAP.  If you have never checked them out, today’s the day…gorgeous shaped frames, designer vinyl, pre-packaged project kits and loads of home decor tutorials!

Now, what are you waiting for?!

Don’t you want to see what I created using one of their amazing shaped frames…

Head over to Poppy Seed Projects for the full tutorial!

Let's go fly a kite frame {}

See you tonight with a new Frugal idea!

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Personalized Drawer Liners

Hey Friends!  Welcome back to One {Frugal} Chick Friday!

Way back when I was designing the set up for my Art Buffet, I knew I wanted to line the drawers rather than leave them bare wood.  Have you ever shopped for contact paper to line your drawers?  I hadn’t in a long time and was not pleased with the selection, or I should say the lack of selection!  (And it’s not cheap, either!)

So on one of my many trips to Target, I spotted a super cute patterned wrapping paper in the dollar spot.  I decided I would line the drawers with the wrapping paper.  Only problem was that the paper was A) not self adhesive and B) would be ruined if anything spilled on it.   Hmmm…I could use a clear contact paper on top of the pretty paper!

That’s exactly what I did and it worked!

Art buffet drawer {}

Personalized drawer liner {}

Here’s how I did it:

Measure and cut your decorative paper a little smaller than the drawer.  Adhere around the edges with an adhesive like Scotch…  Cut your clear contact paper to the size of the drawer and carefully press down from one side to the other.  Go slow and a small section at a time or you will end up with bubbles.  I have a couple bubbles even though I was extra careful!  The clear paper adheres to the drawer around the outside edge of your paper.

paper lining drawer {}

lined drawer {}

Drawer liner {}

Now you have a pretty and personalized lined drawer!  I think it would be beautiful with a fabric that coordinated with the room or a patchwork of scrapbook papers…Whatever works with your space.

Note: I went to Target 3 times and they never had clear contact paper in stock!  I complained to my mom and she happened to have some in her basement.  It was from 1983 when I was in kindergarten, but it still worked well…Had to add that because I cracked up when I saw the date on the paper! 🙂

Any Frugal tips you would like to share with me?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

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Decorative Storage Container {15 minute craft}

Welcome to One {Frugal} Chick Friday!

Today I am going to share how I store my plastic bags…you know the kind you get from the grocery store or Target.  For a while, I was just keeping the bags all stuffed into one bag under my kitchen sink.  This worked great until my youngest figured out how to A) open the cabinet door and B) play with the plastic bags…Yikes!  I had to come up with a storage solution Pronto.

I stuffed the bags into an empty plastic container that previously held protein powder.  Problem solved, or so I thought!  That little bugger twisted that lid right off!

On to Plan B: Why not use an empty oatmeal canister?!

plastic bag storage container {}

Yay!…This has been working for months and he has yet to open the canister!  Bonus: It holds twice as many bags!

I know the canister is pretty cute as is (Ha!)  The cuteness can be maximized with some patterned wrapping paper and a decorative label.  It is super simple to do too!

Before oatmeal container {}

Here’s how I did it:  Remove label from canister.  Save the label to use as a pattern for cutting your wrapping paper cover.

wrapping paper template for oatmeal container {}

Cut out paper, leaving a little extra to wrap your seam.  Adhere to canister, overlapping and sealing seam.  I used Mod Podge.  Create your own custom label and you are done! I cut this label out using chalkboard vinyl, but you can purchase similar labels at the craft or office supply stores.

DIY plastic bag storage container {}

Bonus Idea…Ha!  Thought I was only sharing one idea today, didn’t you!  Want another easy and inexpensive idea for storing those fabric shopping bags?  Re-purpose a popcorn tin.  I just spray painted an empty popcorn tin and added a decorative label.  Cute, functional and holds a bunch of bags!

Popcorn tin to stylish organizer {}

What everyday items are you re-purposing?  I’m always looking for new {frugal} storage ideas!

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Art buffet {with crafty little goodies!}

Hello there friends…

Just wondering…Would any of you see potential in this piece?

Art buffet before {}

I did too.

The same cannot be said for Mr. Kriegerchick.

This old dirty dresser somehow made its way to my parents house.  My dad may have brought it home…My mom may have wanted it out of the way…I knew just the right spot for it!

Plus…it was free!

I knew it would be the perfect storage for my dining linens and apron collection.

That was until the dining room table repeatedly looked like this…

artsy dining table {}These little cuties just LOVE to create!  (Not sure where they get it! )

Lil Artist {}

lil artiste {}

I was continually making trips to the craft room to get art supplies…

Then it hit me…

The old dresser would make a perfect Art Buffet!

Dining Art buffet wall {}

This way, the boys have a Buffet of art supplies within reach… And I have a Fun, Colorful, Springy display in the Dining room.

Win, Win!!

Besides the supplies you see in the Buffet, the top drawer is loaded.  The middle drawer houses paper, coloring books, etc. and the bottom drawer is empty…For now.

Art buffet at {}

Art buffet drawer {}

Just a couple more pictures of its cuteness…

pedestal of art supplies {}

ABC Art {}

The framed Alphabet is a piece of scrapbook paper found at Archivers…

Happy banner {}

See how I made the HAPPY letters HERE…

Happy Art buffet {}

And the BEST part is…

boys love art buffet {}

The boys LOVE it!!

How do you encourage creativity in your homes?

Be Creative this week!

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