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A Very Krieger Christmas {decor part 2}

Hello all…Welcome back to a Very Krieger Christmas!  Hope you are having a wonderful day! It’s beautiful here with the sun shining and perfect weather for the boys to play outside and wear themselves out for a nice long nap!  Ahhh…

How would you like to see the rest of my main floor Holiday decor?

Our Living Area

Here is a nice shot of what my living room looks like when the boys are awake…

So cute, I know!  Last night, when the boys were all asleep and I had everything picked up…

It looked like this…Amazing the difference!

Notice the child friendly decor- The boys LOVE climbing onto the hearth and reading and playing in the fireplace. The vintage picnic basket houses our Little People Nativity set and Holiday Little People. I’ve tried setting them up, but they just get scattered all over the floor. Our book advent is on the dresser behind the chair waiting to be opened on Friday.

Our Entryway

In our entryway is this fabulous antique bench which was also my very first auction purchase years ago.  It has made 3 moves with us and has found a perfect spot in each home. This area is tricky to decorate because there is zero light and no outlets. This year, I found a battery powered set of led lights that illuminate the top of the bench and cast a lovely glow.

Close up of the decor on the top of the bench. I used my glass candlesticks and topped them with glass balls {some may be plastic, but who can tell}! I love how it turned out! Polka dotty and sparkly!

On to the Dining Area…

Yep, the glass balls and polka dots are still there! I added some candy too…Yum! The boys keep trying to eat it.  We do not use this table for dinner, so it stays pretty. {except when stuff gets piled on it…let’s just pretend that NEVER happens…wink!}

The cake dome is filled with shiny ball ornaments and the table is laden with candy and whimsy.

Even the tea light candles in the polka dot candle holders look and smell like peppermint candies…

Why stop with the table…Right?!  Why not add candy to the chandelier!

In the corner of my dining room, there is a built in hutch. I jazzed it up a tad with my collection of long-legged figurines and some vintage ball ornaments {my mom made them over 30 years ago}. The cream and sugar are another auction find. The little cuties are my boys from past Christmases. I added some polka dot scrapbook paper to fill the frame.

Hope you enjoyed my Holiday decor and maybe took away an idea or two for your own decorating!

Make sure to come back tomorrow…

I’ll be sharing my Favorite Christmas Cookie recipe along with dozens of other bloggers!

Hope you are ready to tie on your apron and do some baking this weekend…Yum!

A Very Krieger Christmas {Decor part 1}

Welcome to A Very Krieger Christmas!

The house is decorated for the Holidays and I am so excited to share..Due to some naptime difficulties, though, I will be sharing in segments. {I had planned to share all of my holiday decor in one post, but my 1 year old had other ideas…He thought today was a good day to take the shortest nap of all time and be held all afternoon. Oh well…They are only little for such a short time!}

On to the decor…For the past few weeks,  I had been dreaming up ideas for  neutral, glittery holiday decor.  I tried to give up my red and lime green, but to no avail.  Once I walked through Jo Ann’s and found red and white polka dot wrapping paper,   all plans for neutral decor were lost.  Polka dots, snowflakes with lots of sparkle!

Our Holiday Mantle

I LOVE having a mantle to decorate for the holidays.  There is something so warm about seeing the boys stockings hanging there.  The mantle came together so easily this year once I found my collection of  sparkly snowflakes.  Did you see what is in the jars…marshmallows!  You might be seeing those in another project of mine…

Christmas mantle take 2So…the jars didn’t seem to fit after I walked past them for a few days.  Might have had to move them to a new location.  Also…See those little twinkly lights.  My new love- they are battery powered so no cords…Yeah!

Oh Christmas Tree!

My goal for the tree was to have it dripping with colored balls. I’m a more is more kinda gal when it comes to decorating the tree. Thanks to shatterproof ornaments, even the bottom 1/3 is decorated…don’t look too closely though, as some may be rearranged or missing already.  I used a favorite red polka dot tablecloth as a tree skirt and added a couple faux gifts.  I’d love to stage the entire floor area, but it would only last a few minutes before being scattered about the floor.

I’ve never been one to use a star, angel or any traditional tree topper.  This year, I used some sparkly picks and additional branches of greenery to jazz up the top.  This is also where I display my collection of Christopher Radko ornaments from my grandmother-in-law. {and any other ornament I would like to keep in one piece}

A close up…I love how it shines!

Come back soon to see the rest of my holiday decor…And my favorite cookie recipe!


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