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Frugal Flowerpots

Welcome to One {Frugal} Chick Friday!

Happy Friday Afternoon Friends!

Hope you enjoyed my fun tutorial at Poppy Seed Projects today!

Ready for my Frugal Chick idea of the week?

Maybe you have already planted your Spring flowers, maybe you have yet to begin and maybe you are somewhere in between…It was cold way too long here in the Midwest, so I am still planting.  My flowers are just beginning to grow and my garden is just a marked off square in the yard.

Partially because I am frugal and partially because I love the unexpected in decorating, I did not go out and purchase any new pots this year.  Rather, I raided the garage and barn in search of cool containers to do my planting.

At SNAP, I took a class on succulents…I took oodles of pictures of awesome planting ideas.  One of my favorites was an old toy dump truck with the bed loaded in succulents.  I knew it would be the perfect addition to my exterior Spring decor.

Here’s my version…

Dump truck with succulents {}

Here are a few other ideas I ended up going with…

Why not plant strawberries in a large galvanized bin?

DIY Strawberry planter {}

A metal trough for an herb garden…

Trough herb garden {}

An antique chicken feeder for succulents…

Chicken feeder with succulents {}

Not sure what this pan is, but I love it’s shape!

old tin pan as planter {}

What fun, interesting or re-purposed items are you using in your flower planting this year?

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What I Wore Wednesday {WIWW: Melon & Gray}

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Lately, I have noticed I tend to stick with one color combination for a few days, then switch to another.  Not sure why, just my quirky self!

This week I was influenced by a melon and gray color combination.  I may have worn it each time I had to look nice…

Just look past the really bad photos…I edited the best I could. 😦

Melon & Gray (Number 1)

Crazy up-do and doily earrings {}

I know what you’re thinking…What’s with that hair?!  That’s what happens to my hair in humidity…Exactly why it is pulled up.  Also, these shots were at the end of a long day.

melon and gray maxi {}

Nephew’s 4th Birthday Party-  Tanks (Target), gray maxi skirt (Target)

melon, gray and bracelets {}

Bracelets (gifts)

teal toenails {}

Flower sandals (Target a couple years ago), lovely teal toes (China Glaze…selected by my three year old…I may have painted his toes too.)

Melon tank and messy up-do {}

Earrings (Premier Designs), Necklace (Origami Owl)

Melon & Gray {Number 2}

Melon and Grey with denim {}

Melon and Gray with ElleElyse handbag {}

Dinner Meeting at Panera:

Trusty jean jacket- Gap (years ago), Melon Tank- Target, Gray Cropped Pants (New York and Company), Handbag (ElleElyse), wedge sandals (Kenneth Cole Reaction)

Melon & Gray {Number 3}

Melon and Gray {}

Melon and Gray with Cowboy boots {}

Date night with Mr. Kriegerchick:

Melon cardigan(Target last year), Gray ruffled t-shirt (Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s), Dark denim Skinnies (Elle at Kohl’s), Cowboy boots (Ariat), Necklace & earrings (Premier designs), Ring (ElleElyse)

What are your favorite color combos this week?

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Sharing with the pleated poppyTrending Prettythemummychronicles

Growing Sprouts {gardening with kids}

Hello again! It’s gardening time of the year…Today I’m going to share an easy, but fun way to garden indoors with your kiddos.
Growing Sprouts in a jar {}

We’re going to grow sprouts!  Sprouts are perfect for kids to grow because they start to change in just a day. They are full grown in just a few days and kids can eat them right out of them jar.  Instant Gratification!

Let’s get started!
What you’ll need:
Sprouting seeds
A clean (sterilized) jar
A 6 in. square of clean mesh screen
A rubber band
How To…
Start by prepping your materials and cleaning and sterilizing your jar.  Running it through the dishwasher will work.

Growing sprouts from seeds at {}

Mesh screens for growing sprouts {}

Measure out about 1 tsp. seeds and pour into jar.  Place screen on to and seal with a rubber band.
Rinsing Sprouts to grow in a jar {}
Rinse seeds.  Set jar on its side on a towel.  I set mine on the kitchen counter.  The seeds do not need to be in direct sunlight, so filtered light is just fine.
Growing sprouts from seeds {}
Rinse seeds two times a day.  In just a day or two, the seeds will begin to sprout.  This is really cool for the kids to see!  Keep rinsing daily until it appears all seeds have sprouted.  Sprouts may be kept in fridge for up to 3 days, but we eat them sooner!
Growing sprouts in a jar at {}
Sprouts grown in a jar {}
Ideas for using your sprouts:  Add to a salad, use in wraps, in a pita pocket, on sandwiches, in a cold pasta salad or plain.
Besides being a fun way for kids to watch something grow, sprouts have many health benefits.
Purchasing sprout seeds: I purchased mine at the Green Acres Market, but any Health Food Store like Whole Foods should have them.  Just make sure you are purchasing “sprouting seeds.”
This idea was introduced to me at my monthly MOPS meeting by a friend and mentor, Laura Lee.  She is both an amazing cook and gardener, talented beyond belief, always coming up with wonderful teaching ideas.
Have fun gardening with your kiddos!
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Hi! I’m still here…

Hello friends!

I’m still here…just have been super busy the past couple weeks.  I have been working on a few projects like updates in my Mudroom, Spring decor inside and out and a make-up table area in the bedroom.  Why have I not shared any of these with you?  Because they are not finished…All are partially finished, but not to the sharing point.

Here are  a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been up to…

Personalized lockers {}

Grace framed art {}

can project {}

Guess what I’m making with these little gems!?

Next week…Promise to make it up to you!  I will be coming back from SNAP! with oodles of ideas!

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Spring Garland {15 minute craft}

Good Afternoon Friends!

As promised, I am going to share with you how I made the simple garland from my Spring Mantel.

Spring banner {}

What you’ll need:

Heavier paper, like cardstock

patterned paper or an accent paper

adhesive, a glue stick will work fine

fine point marker, I used a Sharpie

ribbon or twine

clothespins or a hole punch

How I did it…

Cut out rectangles to use as the background.  (If a paper cutter is not available, trace kids flashcards.)  Cut out the letters to spell the word.  I used a different pattern of paper for each letter.  This is a great way to use up scraps!  Glue letters to rectangles.  If desired, draw little lines resembling stitching around each letter and ink edges of paper with a chocolate brown ink pad.  Then, either punch holes in the tops of each rectangle or simply clip each one with a clothespin.

Easy peasy,  cute and Springy…I love the mismatched letters because it reminds me of an old quilt.

Garland close up {}

Letters close up {}

I made the “Happy” banner above the Art Buffet exactly the same, but hung it from pom-pom fringe.

Happy banner {}

I would love to see your Spring banners…Please share!  Happy Crafting!

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