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Weekly Menu {June 3- 9}

weekly menu

It’s Menu time again and I have some delicious recipes to share!  One of my most loved food magazines is Taste of Home.  I always earmark half the pages and rarely try a recipe we do not like.  Another favorite cookbook {and blog} is Our Best Bites…Two moms who share family friendly recipes that are not too complicated.

Monday: Appetizers…Hosting Bunco {Ladies Night}

Tuesday: Spinach & Chicken Stromboli from Our Best Bites {We ALL Love this recipe, but I was unable to link it to you because it is from a cookbook}

Wednesday: Kid’s Choice!

Thursday: Pioneer Woman’s Pork Chops with Pineapple Fried Rice{We never ate this last week}

Friday: Taste of Home’s Spinach Penne Salad {NEW Recipe I found in Taste of Home and it looks Yummy!  Don’t worry, I’ll let you all know!}

Saturday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls from Our Best Bites {These are Yummy and the boys can help make dinner! Fill them with any of your favorite toppings!}

Sunday: Leftovers or Picnic at the Park

Why not try out a new recipe…and Have a Happy Week! 

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Growing Sprouts {gardening with kids}

Hello again! It’s gardening time of the year…Today I’m going to share an easy, but fun way to garden indoors with your kiddos.
Growing Sprouts in a jar {}

We’re going to grow sprouts!  Sprouts are perfect for kids to grow because they start to change in just a day. They are full grown in just a few days and kids can eat them right out of them jar.  Instant Gratification!

Let’s get started!
What you’ll need:
Sprouting seeds
A clean (sterilized) jar
A 6 in. square of clean mesh screen
A rubber band
How To…
Start by prepping your materials and cleaning and sterilizing your jar.  Running it through the dishwasher will work.

Growing sprouts from seeds at {}

Mesh screens for growing sprouts {}

Measure out about 1 tsp. seeds and pour into jar.  Place screen on to and seal with a rubber band.
Rinsing Sprouts to grow in a jar {}
Rinse seeds.  Set jar on its side on a towel.  I set mine on the kitchen counter.  The seeds do not need to be in direct sunlight, so filtered light is just fine.
Growing sprouts from seeds {}
Rinse seeds two times a day.  In just a day or two, the seeds will begin to sprout.  This is really cool for the kids to see!  Keep rinsing daily until it appears all seeds have sprouted.  Sprouts may be kept in fridge for up to 3 days, but we eat them sooner!
Growing sprouts in a jar at {}
Sprouts grown in a jar {}
Ideas for using your sprouts:  Add to a salad, use in wraps, in a pita pocket, on sandwiches, in a cold pasta salad or plain.
Besides being a fun way for kids to watch something grow, sprouts have many health benefits.
Purchasing sprout seeds: I purchased mine at the Green Acres Market, but any Health Food Store like Whole Foods should have them.  Just make sure you are purchasing “sprouting seeds.”
This idea was introduced to me at my monthly MOPS meeting by a friend and mentor, Laura Lee.  She is both an amazing cook and gardener, talented beyond belief, always coming up with wonderful teaching ideas.
Have fun gardening with your kiddos!
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Weekly Menu {May 20-26}

weekly menu

Some weeks go better than others in terms of meal planning.  Last week, I was off the mark…No one (meaning Mr. Kriegerchick) wanted what I planned on the night I planned.  Frustrating, yes.  Let’s see if we can stick to the plan this week!

Monday: Pulled pork sandwiches with Apple Coleslaw

Tuesday: Creamy Green Chile Enchiladas with chips and salsa

Wednesday: Dinner at Church

Thursday: Taco Salad

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner…Homemade Whole Wheat Applesauce Waffles

Saturday:  Homemade Pizza night

Sunday: Wahoo! We’re opening the pool!  Poolside Grillin’ Fare…hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, salad, Mexican 7-layer dip, and whatever else my mom and sister bring!

Note:  We may not eat what is planned on the scheduled night, we may switch it up depending on what sounds better that day…If Mr. Kriegerchick is working late, I make it easy on myself and fix something kid friendly like Mac-n-cheese with chicken nuggets or hot dogs.

I’m happy to share any of my recipes…Please comment if you would like one that does not have a link. 🙂

Enjoy the week!

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Birds Nests {kids in the kitchen}

Happy Friday Friends!  This week has gone by so quickly, but I have really enjoyed sharing some of our favorite family treats and activities.  Ready for the last one before Easter?

Birds Nests Treats {}

Birds Nests are one of the treats I remember most from my childhood.  I cannot remember who made them, but I do remember eating sooo many that my tummy hurt.  I would even sneak them off the table after I was told I had eaten too many.

Birds Nests are super easy to make and are a good recipe to make with a little helper.  Bonus: They are no-bake!  You could make them for an easy Easter dessert or enjoy them anytime during the Spring.

Here we go…

What you’ll need:

1 bag butterscotch chips

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 bag chow mien noodles

candy to use for eggs

How to make them:

Heat the butterscotch chips and peanut butter in a microwave until melted. ( Stir periodically. Chips may look solid even after melting.) Stir in bag of chow mien noodles.  Working quickly, use a spoon to drop nests onto wax paper or other non-stick surface.  They will look like uneven nests.  Quickly set three eggs on top of each nest.  Allow to set and enjoy!

Note: We used jelly beans because that is what the boys chose, but I really prefer chocolate eggs combined with the butterscotch.  M&M’s have some really cute speckled eggs out right now that would be perfect.

Hope you didn’t miss out on my other fun Easter ideas…

Bunny Cinnamon RollsKid Friendly Stained GlassBunny PizzasEaster Egg Lunch Hunt

Happy Easter!

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Bunny Cinnamon Rolls {kids in the kitchen}

It’s time for a breakfast recipe today…Simple, but super cute and your kiddos will love to make and eat them! Yay!

Honestly, this isn’t really a “recipe”…It’s more like opening a can and embellishing.  Some mornings we just need quick breakfasts, right?!  Plus, the more fun food is, the more likely my boys will eat it.

Bunny cinnamon rolls {}

These are so easy, you are probably even laughing at me for posting this…Sometimes the easiest ideas are the best at our house.

How I did it…

Start with a package of store bought canned cinnamon rolls. Any brand will work.  I use whatever is on sale.   Use an entire round for the face. Cut a round in two halves to use for the ears and tuck under the round where you want your ears to be.  Bake according to package directions.  After removing from oven, embellish with eyes, nose, etc.  I used what I had on hand…m&m’s and chocolate chips.  You want to wait to embellish until after they bake because the embellishments will not hold up in the oven.  Trust me…I learned from experience. 😉

Have fun and enjoy!

Don’t miss out on my other fun Easter ideas…Kid friendly stained glassBunny Pizzas and an Easter Egg Lunch Hunt!

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