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Kilee post

Hello One little Momma Readers!  So excited for Kilee and her new little man and thrilled to be here guest posting!

I’m Ariean from OneKriegerChick where I blog about life in between laundry and kissing boo-boos…As well as home decor, kids parties and family pleasing recipes {all on a budget!}  Love it if you paid me a visit!

As a fellow boy momma of three boys under five, I thought it would be fun to do a project encompassing three boys…

We moved into our home over a year ago, but there is still not much artwork on the walls.  Until now…Today, I am going to share with you a fun way to capture and display your little ones…

Bathtime Photo Shoot~perfect bathroom wall art in an old window! {Onekriegerchick

This idea came to me when I managed to corral all three boys into the bathtub at the same time…This NEVER happens anymore because my oldest thinks he is too old/too cool for baths.  They were so cute playing that I grabbed my camera.  Then I thought it would be fun to style their hair with shampoo…So, we ended up having a Funny Photo Shoot.  The boys Loved it and were H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!

Here are some of the outtakes…

bath collage

The photos were so funny I knew I wanted to do something with them…I remembered a 3 paned window I had been holding onto for the past few years knowing…one day…I would have the perfect project for it!

Here’s How I Did It…

Start with an old window…like this gem I picked up at an auction a few years back.  {Give it a good cleaning…This one was covered in layers of dirt and goo.}

old window...Before {}

After a good scrubbing, this is what I had to work with…

old window for frame {}

I chose my favorite pictures of the boys, edited them in a sepia tone and had them printed as 5 x 7’s at Walgreens {there was 40% all enlargements that week…Yay!}

brothers framed art in old window {}

Then, I cut white cardstock to the same size as the window pane opening.  I mounted the pictures to the cardstock using an acid free archival adhesive and placed them into the window frame.  Lastly, I taped the paper into place using white Gorilla Tape.  Duct tape or other strong tape will work fine too…I just had this on hand.

how to frame in an old window {}

To hang the window, I used picture hanging hooks and ran a wire across the back.  I thought this would be a little more sturdy since the window is long.  Also, I didn’t want it falling on any little boys while going potty!

back of window frame how-to hardware {}

And here it is hanging on the wall in the boys shared bath.  There are no windows in the room, so you cannot see the true colors.  The wall is a sea glass color with cream wainscoting and pressed tin ceiling.  The photos really pop on the wall and give SO much personality to the room!

perfect bathroom wall art~brothers photos in an old window {}

So what’s stopping you?!  Gather up your kiddos and have a crazy hair, silly outfit, funny face photo shoot!  The photos will be awesome and your kiddos will LOVE it!

If you like this project, you might also like how I Boy-proofed my kitchen chairs

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions at {Onekriegerchick


My Kids Art Buffet…Perfect for Creative Kiddos!

Kids Art buffet {}

Have way too much FUN today!

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DIY Lampshade makeover {4 easy steps!}

Welcome to {Frugal} Chick Friday!

Hello friends… Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I have been working on my Master bedroom for quite a while.  A little project here and another project there.  Slowly, it is turning into a tranquil retreat.

Today, I’m going to share how I covered my bedside lampshades with you all.

I started with these basic wall mounted lamps from Home Depot.  There’s nothing wrong with them besides that I thought they were boring.

plain lampshade before makeover {}

 I looked for months for fabric, but never found exactly what I wanted.  Then I saw a picture of a wire lampshade frame covered in strips of ribbon…LOVED it!  Until I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at the price of ribbon…Yikes!  Of course ribbon was not on sale that week…or the next.  Ugh!

So here’s what I came up with…Same concept, but using what I already had on hand.

DIY Burlap lampshades in 4 easy steps! {}

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Make Along Monday {Monthly Challenge}

Feel like there are million things on your “wanna make list” or that you’ve pinned on Pinterest but have never made? Wanna little push to get those things done? Love a challenge? Or all of the above? Join us in Make Along Monday!

On the 1st Monday of every month the Make Along Monday Crew will post something to make along. It could be a project, recipe, or theme. This month it’s Summer Wreaths!! Need a little inspiration? Check out all of our projects!

Dolen Diaries has a beachy twist on a monogrammoss wreath and a patriotic clothes pin flag.

OneKriegerChick is sharing a DIY Hanging Kite {from a Poppy Seed
Projects frame}

ONE little MOMMA shares a neutral patriotic moss and burlap wreath perfect for all

Moore than a Mommy is sharing a summer fun wreath with beautiful Hawaiian themed

ElleElyse is sharing a coral and teal fabric scrap wreath.

ApplesBy Ashley is sharing an Easy Interchangeable Wreath ready to make an appearance
for Independence Day.

On the last Monday of the month (June 24th) post your pictures on Facebook {OneKriegerChick} or our link up
party. *Don’t worry we will remind you!

We will post our favorites on our Make Along MondayPinterest Board so don’t forget to follow!  

So Have Fun and Be Creative!  Can’t wait to see your Summer Wreaths!

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DIY Hanging Kite {from a Poppy Seed Projects frame}

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!  A couple weeks ago I guest posted on Poppy Seed Projects…Just in case you missed it, I am sharing it today!

Not sure about the rest of you, but I am ready for Summertime!  Summertime around our house means Fun, Relaxed days…What better way to set that tone than with a bright, yet welcoming…Kite!

DIY Kite using Poppy Seed Frame {}

Ready to see how you can make your own Hanging Kite?

First let’s gather our supplies:

Kite supplies {}

*Poppy Seed frame of choice {I used Eleanor square}

*Paint supplies

*Embellishments {vinyl, fabric, ribbon}

Now, Here’s how I did it…First I painted the edges of the frame so the creamy color would show through when I sand it.

First painted layer {}

Then, I painted a section of the frame where the quote would be.  No need to paint the entire frame.

Navy accent paint on kite {}

Then, using my Cricut, I cut out a vinyl quote “let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring” from Mary Poppins.  I carefully adhered the vinyl, making sure to firmly press all the edges down. (That way the next coat of paint will not bleed under the vinyl.)

vinyl lettering for kite {}

Originally, I had planned to use all acrylic paint.  Until…I remembered I had a perfect Aqua spray paint!

Ready for Final coat of paint {}

So much quicker than acrylic and it dried uniformly and without lines.  Make sure to allow each coat to dry before applying another.

final coat on kite {}

Now, for the finishing touches..I very carefully removed each vinyl decal, exposing the navy paint underneath.  Then, to give it a little more character, I lightly sanded the edges.  For a kite tail, I cut strips of navy ticking fabric and tied three knots.  I then hot glued the fabric to the back of the frame.  Using the same fabric, I tied an imperfect bow at the top corner.  This can all be customized based on the look you’re going for.  Bright colored ribbons would add a fun pop of color too!

Let's go fly a kite frame {}

Just what my front porch needed, don’t ya think!

Front Porch with Poppy Seed Kite {}

What is the most unusual wreath you have used or created?

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Boy-proofing {a cushion makeover}

Hello friends!  Hope you had a lovely long weekend!  Luckily my boys took awesome naps, so I had a chance to finally play catch up on some blog posting.  I have been busy working on projects around the Krieger house and have lots to share in the coming weeks…

To start it off, I am going to share one of the projects that most needed an update…and I am loving it!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions at {Onekriegerchick

Just wait till you see what they looked like “BEFORE”…

Barstools before {}

This is the “BEFORE” shot…They were “OK”…They looked great a couple years ago when I first recovered them.  But three boys climbing and standing and spilling on them took a toll and there was no amount of cleaning that was going to make them look good again.

I just hadn’t found the right fabric…

Until…my mom called me from Hobby Lobby one day asking if I had seen their selection of Laminated fabric…

LAMINATED fabric…Duh!  That would be PERFECT!!

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby…and found this fun, bright {boy-proof} fabric!  {BONUS- it looks awesome with my new rugs}

Laminated fabric for barstools {}

And here’s how I did it…

Remove existing cushion…{don’t mind the fact that I never bothered to trim the excess fabric…oops!}

Barstools underneath {}

Remove the existing fabric cover.

Cushion close-up {}

Use the existing cover as a pattern.  Lay existing fabric on new fabric and trace with a piece of chalk.  Make sure to indicate the front or back.  Also, if you have a more precise pattern, you’ll have to watch the alignment more carefully.  I lucked out with such a random pattern!

Measuring fabric for barstools {}

Cut out your fabric.

fabric on barstool cushion {}

Line up the new cover with the existing cushion and pin into place.  I did opposite sides first, then corners.  The corners can be tricky, so just work with them a bit until you like the look.

Pinning fabric on cushion {}

Once the cover is pinned into place, use a staple gun to adhere it permanently.  Work with opposite sides, pulling it taught as you go and finishing with the corners.

stapling cushion cover {}

Reattach the cushion to the chair…and you have a fresh new {BOY-Proof} barstool!  I cannot express in words how much I love these new cushions!  Thank you, thank you to whoever invented laminated fabric!

BOY proof Laminated seat cushions {}

Have you had any new product discoveries lately?

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