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DIY Chevron Painted Canvas

Hello Friends!  Hope you are enjoying all of these fun Valentines ideas.  I don’t typically create so much for holidays other than Christmas, but I’m having sooo much fun using pink that I just cannot stop!  Now it’s time to show-off how I created the last component of my Valentines Mantle…

DIY Chevron Painted Canvas

DIY Valentine canvas {}

Supplies needed:

Canvas in desired size

stencil of choice


cutting surface

acrylic paint

paint brush(s)


How To:

Step 1: Find or make a stencil you like.  I found this template online and just printed it out on computer paper.

Chevron stencil {}Step 2: Cut out your stencil.  I used an exacto knife on a self healing mat.  If you do not have and exacto knife or mat, a small box cutter and magazine work fine too.  Now your stencil is complete…easy, huh!

Chevron stencil at {}

Step 3:  Moving on to the canvas…Give it a good coating of paint.  I used acrylic and it took a couple coats.  Allow thorough drying time.painting canvas {}Step 4: Lightly trace your stencil onto the canvas using a pencil.

Stencil on canvas {}

Step 5: Paint your accent color.DIY Painted canvas {}

Step 6: Embellish your canvas.  I would really like to to use this canvas for other holidays than Valentines, so I did not want my embellishments to be permanent.  I cut out the image on my die cut machine and adhered them with glue dots.  That way, when Easter comes along I can simply peel this image off and add a cross or bunny or eggs…I may have to paint another canvas!

Here is the canvas in my Mantle grouping:

Valentine mantle {}

Mantle tutorials herehere, and here!

Endless possibilities for this project!  Have fun with it!


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About OneKriegerChick

Ariean is a former High School Teacher turned SAHM of 3 little boys. She enjoys finding good junk and transforming it into unique home decor...a cup of coffee and a great and crafting with her boys and connecting with YOU!

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  1. Cute! At first I thought the bird was painted on too, but I like how you left it off- perfect to change up later!

  2. Absolutely adorable!! Love the grid you made for it! Genius. Thanks for linking up!!
    xoxo, Jordan.

  3. Stopping by from Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop. Your chevron canvas is so cute! I’ve been really drawn to/obsessed with everything chevron! Thanks so much for linking this up!

  4. moorethanamommy

    Funny. I am not sure how I have not seen this post yet, but I LOVE it! Such a cute idea. I can’t wait to make on of my own.


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