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Rainy Day Fun

Hello again friends!  We woke up to a surprise today…RAIN!  We have not had a lot of rain around here lately, so we were pretty excited.  The boys were painting in the craft room by 7:30…Yikes!  In lieu of the rainy day we are enjoying, I thought I would share a kid-friendly pizza recipe…

Mini Pizzas

These little pizzas are made from refrigerated biscuits and are just the right size for little ones.  They can decorate them up however they please.  Also, if your kiddos are like mine, if they help in preparing a meal, they are more likely to eat it.


Refrigerated biscuits (1 can)

Tomato sauce (1 small can)

Mozzarella or Italian blend shredded cheese

Italian seasoning (Approx. 1 tsp.)

Toppings of your choice

Optional: garlic powder (1/4 to 1/2 tsp.)

How To:

Press the centers of the biscuits leaving a crust or edge to keep the toppings in. Mix a little italian seasoning and garlic powder into the tomato sauce. Place a spoonful of tomato sauce on each biscuit crust and spread around.  Sprinkle with cheese and top off with your favorite toppings.  Bake at the recommended time on your can of biscuits or until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

Note: I made this using what I had on hand one day when I was TIRED of ham sandwiches for lunch.  I am sure other ingredients/brands will be delicious too!


About OneKriegerChick

Ariean is a former High School Teacher turned SAHM of 3 little boys. She enjoys finding good junk and transforming it into unique home decor...a cup of coffee and a great and crafting with her boys and connecting with YOU!

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  1. I found your blog! lol Thanks for adding mine to your list of blogs!


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